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Trade gift cards for cash

Quchange - Trade gift cards for cash

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Trade gift cards for cash
Marketing studies show that about 6% of gift cards end up never being used. And if you don’t utilise a card within six months, chances are you will never use it. Instead, you’ll probably keep it in a drawer somewhere only to forget about it completely until the card has expired and is no longer usable.

Rather than losing money, why not use an app or site to convert a gift card to naira? Of course, you won’t get the card's total value, but it’s better than getting nothing at all!
Download the Quchange app on App Store or Google Play and sign up for an account. It’s really easy to use, much like a site to redeem a gift card to naira except that it has all the convenience and intuitiveness of a reliable app on your phone.

Quchange allows you to trade all types of gift cards for cash, including eBay, Sephora, Amazon, Steam, Nordstrom, Vanilla Visa, and more. All you have to do is click the ‘sell’ button and select the card or cards you want to trade from the list of options provided on the app.
Most transactions are instant. Some types of cards may take a bit longer, but you should get your cash within minutes.

Don’t let those cards go to waste. Convert gift cards for naira and get some extra money in your pocket! It’s quick, secure, and easy to convert any gift card to naira using Quchange. Download it today!
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